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What is C4?

A community of women who are pursuing a discipline that will help grow better habits in their lives, not only physically, but will help strengthen their relationship with the Lord, spiritually.

There are reoccurring 6-week challenges for WOMEN ONLY, in pursuit of physical AND spiritual discipline! Ladies who desire to further their relationship with God and other believers in Christ Jesus, this challenge is for you! Through the challenges, you will find that it is only through the strength of Christ that you can push your endurance to the next level! When joined alongside other ladies doing the same challenge as you, working towards the same goal, it gives you a sense of encouragement to persevere and strive to reach the goal, which is drawing closer to God and in the process, creating a community of ladies that inspire, support, and encourage one another in love.

How did we get started?

Three ladies came together after months of their husbands being involved in a men's ministry, called Soulcon. Seeing how it was changing their husbands' lives (as well as their families), the ladies longed for a ministry similar in layout, to go alongside their husbands and reap benefits the same. Those benefits? A spiritual and physical discipline, growing in Christ and letting the glory of God shine in their lives.

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